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PPG Industrial Coatings

For tough Industrial Coatings Applications, Born Paint Company always recommends PPG Protective & Marine Coatings. PPG delivers innovative coatings systems for your toughest environments and these coatings deliver the results you and your customers expect from PPG.

PPG High Performance CoatingsSince its founding in 1883, PPG Industries has been a leader in technology. This, along with their continued commitment to total quality, has enabled PPG Protective Coatings to meet the precise requirements of each unique job with the highest quality products and service.

PPG is the technology leader in High Performance Coatings.

Their advances in aerospace, automotive and transportation coatings give them a tremendous R&D advantage over typical paint companies. You can trust PPG to provide technologically advanced High performance coatings that are easy to apply and last longer then conventional paints and coatings.

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PPG Amercoat

Amercoat PPG Protective and Marine CoatingsPPG Protective & Marine Coatings (PMC) is a world leader in protective and marine coatings. PMC products protect customers’ assets in some of the World’s most demanding conditions and environments. PMC products coat a wide variety of projects in various markets including: marine, infrastructure, energy, transportation and petrochemical.

Amercoat products are uniquely positioned within the PMC family to provide proven products and technologies. The patented PSX® polysiloxane technology, low VOC epoxies and topcoats all have a great history across many protective and marine coating segments.


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PPG Commercial Performance Coatings


System solutions you can count on.

PPG Commercial Performance Coatings

When it comes to selecting a coatings system for diverse manufacturing applications, you can depend on PPG Commercial Performance Coatings to offer the right combination of products and technologies that meet your specific application and productivity requirements.


As a world-leading manufacturer of industrial coatings with extensive global resources in research and development, PPG is uniquely capable of offering a full breadth of coating technologies—from economical alkyds and epoxies to the latest high-performance, low-VOC urethanes, powder coatings and other proprietary technologies, such as Aquacron® water-based products.

  • Wide choice of topcoat and primer technologies
  • Compliance coatings available
  • Computerized custom color matching
  • Consistent batch-to-batch quality
  • User-friendly applications

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Coronado High Performance Coatings

Coronado Industrial CoatingsCoronado offers an extensive line up of High Performance Coatings for all industries. Choose from Epoxies, Urethanes , Electrostatic Coatings, Moisture Cured Systems, Traffic Paints, Coal Tar Epoxies, Vinyl Wash Primers, Maintenance Enamels and More…...


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