City Paint  
Old Masters Gel Stains

Old MastersOld MastersOld Masters Gel Stain is renowned for giving deep, bold beauty to both wood and non-porous surfaces, but it excels in its adhesion to fiberglass and plastic.  The THICK ‘n EZY formula offers superior color control for difficult applications in a spectrum of richly vibrant hues.


Sikkens Stains

SikkensSikkens Exterior Stain program finishes, preserve, protect and bring out the natural beauty of all types of wood.  Whether it's the natural look of Sikkens translucent Cetol Stains or the contemporary look of the Rubbol Solid Stain, Sikkens offers a wide range of colors and products that beautify your home as well as protect and perform like no other wood care products on the market.


Sikkens Wood Care Products carry with them the reputation of North America's best protection for interior, exterior, deck and log home projects.  The Sikkens line is full of products for specific project needs.