ALLPRIME™ Premium Interior/Exterior Water-Base Primer Sealer has been formulated for the professional as the best allpurpose,
high-performance, water-base primer for interior and exterior residential, commercial and industrial applications.

ALLPRIME™ Premium Interior/Exterior Water-Base Primer Sealer provides fast-dry convenience, outstanding adhesion and
dependable stain blocking power. May be used under and over any oil or latex architectural paint. Dried film is mold and mildew
resistant and inhibits rust.

Recommended Uses: 

PRIMING:  Use on all types of bare or painted surfaces including wood, drywall, cured plaster, concrete, stucco and masonry,
aluminum, vinyl, steel, galvanized metal and PVC. ALLPRIME™ Premium Interior/Exterior Water-Base Primer Sealer has
outstanding adhesion to dense, glossy surfaces such as enamel paints and varnishes, paneling, laminates and ceramic tile – without
sanding or deglossing.

SEALING:  Contains a unique resin that seals porous surfaces with a smooth and even finish so topcoat paints have better coverage
and consistent sheen. Helps bind chalky surfaces – great for moderately chalked aluminum or previously painted siding and trim.

STAIN BLOCKING:  Effectively blocks stains from grease, handprints, asphalt, crayon, graffiti, rust stains, light water stains and cedar
or redwood bleed. Note: when priming over bare cedar or redwood, allow 24 hours dry time before painting. Certain applications may
require a second coat of primer.