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Born Paint Company

Welcome to Born Paint Company, your local independent paint dealer in downtown Peoria, Illinois. For close to 100 years we have been serving  DIY’s, contractors and industrial customers. We also sell automotive paint and equipment.

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Ask a Born paint Expert

We’re here to help! It’s that simple. The Born Paint  Company team has well over 100 years in the paint business, and we’re here to put it to work. Starting a project and don’t know where to begin? Let Born Paint help you get the job done right the first time.

Get Inspired

So you want to use a “Historical Green” in your family room? The problem is that what’s “Historical Green” to one person may be “Pea Soup Green” or “Asparagus Green” to another. Click THE DIGITAL FAN DECK from California Paints and get those creative juices flowing!

Welcome Contractors

Born Paint Company has a long history of serving the painting contractor. We’ve been in business for close to 100 years as the supplier with the best products, service and value. Check out links to our major paint suppliers, equipment companies, and a number of supply companies.