Painting Bathtubs


Bathtub, sink and porcelain use

CORONADO EPOXY is a two component epoxy, for use in refinishing bath tubs, sinks and on porcelain surfaces. It provides a like new surface for years to come. It is not intended for hot surfaces like stove tops or hot tubs.

Surface prep

Please read all of the information on this page, it is very important to follow the surface prep and application information.

  1. If you are painting a tub, shower or sink with a metal drain, remove the metal drain before painting.
  2. Remove all peeling paint and repair chips and cracks with ALL METAL or DURAGLASS.
  3. Clean the surface thoroughly with comet cleanser, removing all soap scum & any residue.
  4. Etch or wet sand the surface. If etching use muriatic acid, if wet sanding use 220 grit wet sandpaper. Either way you do it the idea is to dull the surface and create profile for the new coating to adhere to.
  5. (Rinsing) if using acid rinse with straight ammonia then water. If sanding just use water, making sure there is no residue from acid etching or sanding.
  6. The surface must be thoroughly dry before painting.


CORONADO EPOXY is packaged for mixing equal parts of part “A” and part “B”. A one quart kit should cover about 80 square feet one time. Do not apply if temperature is below 65 F or above 90 F.

  1. Stir both cans before mixing. Mix equal parts of part “A and B” and stir well.
  2. Allow paint to stand for 30 minutes before using. Once paint is mixed together you only have 8 hours to use it.
  3. For brush application use a bristle brush. For roll application use a 3/16” cover. For spray application do not thin more than 5%.
  4. Apply two coats of epoxy 4-6 hours apart, if more than 48 hours elapses between coats you must sand the surface. Humidity and lack of ventilation can effect drying.
  5. Paint must dry 5-7 days (maintaining room temperature of 65 F minimum) before using or filling with water.
  6. If thinning is required use no more than 5% of epoxy reducer, or mek.
  7. For cleanup use epoxy reducer, mek , or lacquer thinner.


Painting Bathtubs