Prairie Paint – Interior
Prairie Paint Interior finishes are premium waterborne coatings fortified with Ceramic Microspheres designed for the homeowner and professional contractor. Prairie Paint Interior products posess several unique qualities such as excellent stain resistance, excellent flow and leveling, spatter resistant and low in odor. Tintable to thousands of colors, Prairie Paint is available in Matte, Eggshell, Satin and Semi-Gloss finishes. For great performance and value, Prairie Paint Interior finishes will beautify and protect your walls and trim for years.
Recommended Use: Use on all interior new or previously painted surfaces, such as wood, brick, stone, concrete, cement block, plaster, wallboard and other drywall construction as well as metal.

Prairie Paint – Exterior
Prairie Paint’s Exterior finish is called All-Seasons High Performance Eggshell finish. All-Seasons is an ultra-premium exterior coating tintable to any color you need and will resist cracking, flaking, blistering and peeling for as long as you own your home. Yes, All-Seasons comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty! All-Seasons protects your home like no other coating on the market. It is a high solids product that provides excellent adhesion, mildew resistance and will bridge hairline cracks on the surface. Make All-Seasons HP Eggshell finish your choice for the exterior of your home. You’ll be glad you did!

Prairie Paint – Primers
All successful paint stories start out with the proper base or primer. It’s like building a house… you wouldn’t use straw for a foundation, you’d use concrete or brick! Using the correct primer offers the same type results when painting the inside or outside of your home. Prairie Paint primers provide a solid foundation for your painting projects. See the Prairie Paint primer descriptions below to choose the right primer for the job:

Prairie Paint Bulldog 1 Universal WB Primer:
Bulldog 1 Universal WB Primer is a high solids, 100% Acrylic primer designed for both inside and outside surfaces. Bulldog 1 primer primes drywall, plaster, wood trim, paneling, aluminum, wood siding, galvanized metal, masonry, cinder-block, glossy paints and much more. Bulldog 1 sands beautifully to allow for the best finish possible. Bulldog 1 is mildew resistant, so it’s the perfect primer for you exterior painting needs.

Prairie Paint Bulldog 2 Interior Primer Undercoater:
Bulldog 2 Interior Primer Undercoater is a premium quality primer designed for plaster or drywall. Bulldog 2 is designed to flow, level and sand easily to a smooth finish to make finish coats look their best. Bulldog 2 works beautifully on wood trim, doors, crown molding and wainscoting providing a premium surface to be finished.

Prairie Paint Bulldog 3 HP Bonding Primer:
Bulldog 3 High Performance Bonding primer provides the ultimate adhesion, toughness and finish quality for your painting projects. Adhesive-like properties bond to tough to paint surfaces such as glazed tile, glazed block,fiberglass, Formica, aluminum, PVC, glossy paint and galvanized metal. Bulldog 3 can be used both inside and outside and makes an excellent choice for re-painting kitchen cabinets, doors and trim. All this versatility and water-based as well makes Bulldog 3 HP Bonding primer a solid choice for a successful painting project.

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